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The Tapping Cure: A Revolutionary System for Rapid Relief from Phobias, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and More

What is the tapping cure and how does it work?

Tapping separates a painful emotional reaction from a particular thought. You might still think about something that used to bother you, but after tapping you have no reaction to that thought. Your response is neutral – almost "who cares?" You'll be able to think about a situation or a memory or an upcoming event that used to cause you pain or embarrassment or phobic fear, and you'll react to that thought or memory without any strong emotions. 

Tapping is a valuable technique for you if you would like to:

  • Calm your anger
  • Relieve your guilt
  • Ease your anxiety and depression
  • Heal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Overcome everyday phobias - fear of flying or fear of dogs, or fear of public speaking
  • Alleviate stress in social or business situations
  • Relieve performance anxiety during sporting events or major meetings
  • And much, much more...

Recently, I treated a girl who was terrified of dogs. So terrified, that she would not go to school for fear of seeing a dog on the street. I taught the girl, and her mother, how to use tapping to get rid of the phobia. It worked! The mother called after about six weeks to tell me that her daughter walks freely in the street and is no longer frightened when she sees a dog. Mother and daughter practice the tapping for two to three minutes a few days each week, just to be sure.

You can learn about tapping by reading the book, The Tapping Cure, by Dr. Roberta Temes or you can actually have a tapping session with Dr. Roberta. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Seasoned psychotherapist Dr. Roberta Temes will teach you how and where to tap in order to eradicate your symptoms. Requiring no medication and no talk therapy, tapping is easy to learn and implement.
You will discover this groundbreaking method that instantly allows you to alleviate emotional distress by gently tapping on the particular body parts that correspond to acupuncture meridians.

There are no tricks, no mumbo-jumbo: tapping is fast, it's easy - and the results are amazing.

Discover the groundbreaking method that instantly allows you to alleviate emotional distress by gently tapping on the particular body parts that correspond to acupuncture meridians. The first book of its kind to give precise instructions on exactly where the tapping spots are located (e.g., on the collarbone, under the eye, on the pinky) without resorting to mystical explanations, unscientific paradigms, and complicated rationalizations, The Tapping Cure shows how you can completely erase a full range of negative emotions in one self-administered session.

Q: So, how does tapping work?

A: Tapping is accomplished when you tap your fingers on particular spots on your face or your upper body or your hand. While tapping you'll repeat a sentence that you and I will have formulated and if we're lucky, and usually we are, your symptoms will dissolve. Just like that.

It's my job to figure out the spots to tap and the sentences for you to say.

Q: If this is so terrific how come it's not sweeping the nation?

A.  There are a couple of reasons. First of all, we are a scientific country and so far no one has figured out the science behind tapping. Secondly, no one stands to make money from it. If it were a drug giving this kind of relief you can be sure a drug company would advertise it regularly. 

And, tapping is sweeping some countries, just not ours. My book, The Tapping Cure, has been translated into Polish and into Japanese. Tapping is used in those countries as an alternative medicine far more than it is here in the US.

Q: Let's say that right now I am stressed-out and need a quick fix. Let's say I'm upset because I had an argument with my next-door neighbor. He accused me of something I did not do and it really angers me. Where should I tap? What should I say while tapping?

A. Put your right hand on your chest as if you were about to pledge to the flag. Then make a fist. Rubbing your knuckles in a circle right on that spot please repeat after me:

Even though I've been unjustly accused, I'm okay.

Do this twice. Stop and take a deep breath. You should be feeling less stressed and less tense.

Q: This morning I was frustrated and impatient when someone kept me waiting. I wouldn't want to tap in public, but I was so stressed that I was about to make a scene. Could I have sneakily tapped myself to keep my cool?

A. Yes, you simply could have tapped your Eyebrow Two spot, which is the end of your brow near your temple. You could do this inadvertently, no one would notice. And you could have said to yourself – please don't speak aloud if you are in public: Even though this is a ridiculous wait I can handle it; it's no big deal.

Can I learn this myself or do I need to go to a tapping person – and who is a tapping person, anyway?

I wrote The Tapping Cure so that readers can accomplish their goals by themselves, simply by following the instructions in the book. If you prefer to get help in coming up with the right sentence or in checking to see if you are correctly tapping on the spots then you can set up an appointment with me.  Call me at 917-864-3521 to get started right away or email me at

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